Teaching Materials

teachingkids1Teaching Adults: Order free 10 minute video, Poison Prevention For Adults.
Teaching Preschool Children: Get ideas for games, stories and activities. Order a free video, Spike’s Poison Prevention Adventure or view it at http://www.fpicjax.org/videos.asp.

We offer the Teaching Poison Prevention to Preschoolers as a free download.

Content outline for Teaching Poison Prevention to Preschoolers:

  • How to create a tabletop display
  • Poison Storytime
    • Lesson 1 Household poisons & Lookalikes
    • Story 1 – Henry and look-alikes
    • Lesson 2 Medicine
    • Story 2 – Leah and Pills
    • Lesson 3 Plants
    • Story 3 – Jamal and Berries
  • Parent letter for kids lesson
  • Children’s poison prevention video is available at: http://www.fpicjax.org/videos.asp
  • Poison games
    • Poison Toss game
    • Wheel of Poison game