Ecstasy (MDMA, Adam, XTC, X)

What is Ecstasy?
A hallucinogenic amphetamine made in street labs. It comes in pill form in many colors & designs.

Who uses Ecstasy and why?
As a mind-altering hallucinogen with a speed effect, it’s taken to provide energy in dance clubs or to combat the effects of drugs such as downers or depressants.

What are some signs of Ecstasy use?
Users chew gum or suck on pacifiers to relieve tension in jaw muscles. High body temperatures cause users to remove layers of clothing and consume lots of water. Irritability and agitation may lead to the taking of alcohol or downers for a calming effect.

What are the dangers?
The normal dose is close to the toxic dose. When a person gets a strong tablet, they can experience fever, hallucinations, agitation, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, fast heartbeat, stroke, upset stomach, jaw clenching, muscle spasms, seizures (convulsions), sweating and dilated pupils. Deaths are usually due to complications from fevers up to 108° or seizures. For more information, visit

How is it treated in the hospital?
Support of breathing may involve use of a breathing machine (ventilator). Medications may be needed to control blood pressure, fast heart rates, agitation or convulsions. IV fluids and cooling measures help treat high fevers.