Synthetic Marijuana

Spice or K-2: Synthetic Marijuana

What is synthetic (man-made) marijuana?
“Spice” or “K-2” are just two names for products sold as incense. Other product names are Genie, Yucatan Fire, King Krypto, Mr. Nice Guy, K-3, Red Magic, Blueberry Medication and Super Skunk. The incense is sprayed with one or more chemicals which may include:

  • JWH-015, -018, -019, -073, -200, -398
  • HU-210, -211
  • CP 47, 497

Why do people smoke synthetic marijuana?
Instead of burning the incense as a fragrance, some people smoke it as a drug for a marijuana-like high. Its popularity was due to its former legal status and the fact that the chemicals do not test positive on a THC drug test.

Is it illegal to buy or possess?
In the USA as of March 2011, most of the most common ingredients are illegal to buy, sell or posses. It is scheduled as a Class I drug with penalties similar to marijuana possession. When one ingredient becomes illegal, sellers import another synthetic product s with different chemical ingredient to get around the law. It’s sold online and in some convenience stores, but just because it’s sold over-the –counter does NOT make it safe.

Are a lot of people using synthetic marijuana?
Poison Information Centers receive calls from people who become ill on Spice. Poison center data:
In 2010, there were 2,906 cases in the USA and 252 in Florida. 1,2
In 2011, there were 6,995 cases in the USA and 498 in Florida. 1,2
Jan- June 2012, there were 3,372 USA cases and 375 in Florida.

Are there any dangers to smoking this incense?
Many who have smoked the incense say it’s not the mellow high that they expected. The most common problems identified in hospital cases include agitation, fast heartbeat, vomiting and seizures. The long-term effects are not known, but people have reported psychiatric disturbances for two weeks after Spice use.

For answers or advice after exposure to a drug, call FL Poison Information Center free hotline 24/7 at 1-800-222-1222.

2. FL Poison Information Center