Rattlesnakes, cottonmouth (moccasins), & copperheads. Have a large triangular head, fangs, a pit b/w eyes & nose, and elliptical pupils. Identify it by the large triangular head.

Bite Site

Puncture wounds. 25% of bites are dry bites. If envenomated: pain, blisters, bruising, progressive swelling, oozing of blood.

Possible Symptoms

Tremors, vomiting, tingling, metallic taste in the mouth, weakness.

Recommended Treatment Protocol

Remove jewelry & tight clothing near bite. Keep limb below heart level. Cleanse. DON’T apply tourniquet or ice (these worsen damage). DON’T cut & suck out venom. Go to hospital.

Additional photos of Florida snakes:
University of Florida – IFAS